The Fish market

 Seasonality of fish

The most preferred type of fish in Zimbabwe is the bream. Its presence on the markets throughout the country is low during the winter period of April to July and increases gradually during summer.







Types of fish on the market

 Although there are different types of fish on the market in Zimbabwe, the most common especially for the low end market are frozen horse mackerel, dried kapenta and the bream. High end fish available include trout, hake and kingplip in fillet form.



Types of fish products on the market

 The most common fish available is normally gutted, filleted skin off, whole non gutted and fish cuts


Average prices by product type per kg

Major fish producing areas and markets in Zimbabwe

Major fish producing areas in the country include Kariba, Binga and other areas in the Zambezi valley. In most parts of the country fish consumed is locally fished from dams and weirs. Limited freshwater aquaculture is emerging now.


Major fish producers in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, Lake Kariba in particular is home to one of the Lake Harvest



Summary of the fish market in Zimbabwe

Fish is generally cheaper on the market compared to other sources of protein such as chicken, beef and pork. Of the types of fish available, the bream is considered to be the most tasty by the vast majority of Zimbabweans. As such it is one of the most commonly consumed type of fish although it is relatively expensive when compared to mackerel and kapenta. Local fish production has consistently failed to satisfy the local market hence imports now and in the foreseeable future are important in meeting local demand.