Kariba: There were shockwaves sent through the community in the Kariba area yesterday when it emerged a sewage pipe has been broken down for several weeks and is flowing straight into the lake.

The leak is at Nyamasura where the pipe line crosses the main Kariba road.

It was reported that the town council have been aware of the leak for several days with nothing being done.

While a comment could not obtained from the council at the time of writing a community advocacy was launched with people complaining about the mishap.

“All people using Lake water east and west of the sewerage works, south of the power lines outside Nyamunga, are advised to be aware that the effluent pump that pumps effluent to the Nyamasura via a pipe line that crosses the main Kariba rd has broken down and has been for some time(trouble started over a month ago. Effluent is now going straight into the lake),wrote one Cavan Warren.

“Surely the least we could have expected from the relevant authorities was a public warning and some assurance on the health aspect of this distasteful discharge into the lake,” he said.

Lake Kariba is one of Zimbabwe’s top tourist destinations.